Tuesday, October 2


I'm REALLY taken to my new job. You meet all the weirdest and most interesting guest's :)

But im waaaaaayyy to tired to talk about it now.

Just know that my feet are killing me. And somehow my cheeks also... could be from the excessive smiling. :D :D :D

Gotta go sleep now. Gotta get up at 5am to catch the 6am bus... to be at work my 7am.

i know... lots of AM's going around :P

Personal Blurb.
*Caution, swearing may occur in the heat of the moment.*

John (bukan nama sebenar) you are a fucking faggot!! STOP TREATING PEOPLE LIKE DIRT and GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Asshole.. you dont deserve anything that you have now. One day, its going to all leave you. Ha, masa tuh nangis ah.... kalau berani sgt meh ah try give me your best shot. Macam bagus!


Anonymous said...

ntah... no comment atas mender tu

v|nder said...

i had my full day shift today. i nvr needed a foot massage this bad. i guess u should know how it feels.hehe. Loving the job though.

johnhafiz said...


Ayeshadam said...

Bukan u la encik :P

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