Friday, October 5

Holy Crap it's Maya Karin!

That's right, today i met Maya Karin in Cititel. She's so pretty in person and quite tall (then again probably wearing 6-inch Prada Heels helped).

You should have seen all the bellboys dropping their Jaws when they saw her. :P Classic~

Neway, work's been ok. I kinda feel like i'm the new girl in school. The staff body is HUGE (bellmen, reception, fnb, housekeeping, security... etc)! and they all already know each other. Good thing everyone is nice... and are always smiling (it's kind of a job requirement.)

I tell you, my cheeks are so lenguh from smiling.... I have to smile, even when i really don't feel like it. But it's all good.... if you know how to turn it off.

Like today, i got off work around 4pm and had to go to tower records (midvalley) to pick up some recharge brochures for wandabomb.

On the way, to my horror... i realised i was smiling to everyone who crossed my path. Some smiled back, some looked at my like... 'do i know you?', and some just pretended not to notice the crazy woman smiling at random strangers. -__-

damn malu. Feel like a crazy person. I actually had to go the restroom and reset my settings to chill-out (and not smile to random people) mode.

I know i shouldn't really blog about work. It's kind of the numero UNO RULE of Blogging. But im not really saying anything that could do any harm, so who cares. Plus, lately my life has totally only been about work.... and sleep. So what else am i suppose to blog about?

Owh! for all you heroes fanatics, if you were wondering and wanted to know more about the mysterious powers of the twins Maya and Alejandro visit Hana Gitelman's blog. Loads of interesting talk about the Black Death that seems to be Maya's power. Also if you are still a little clueless about stuff, i suggest you start reading the graphic novels.. they really tie up most of the loose ends.


e²¹ said...

hana gitelman's blog is updated? didn't she die from a computer virus in space?

Ayeshadam said...

maybe she survived.....

ye ke dia mati??? *gi rujuk balik novels*

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