Saturday, September 29

TV has never been so good.

MY FAVOURITE SERIES'S (is there such a word?) ARE BACK!!!!

That's right... ALL OF EM! I'm gonna be busy for the next few months i guess. :P

Here is a list of the series that im following this season. (i'm letting you know so that we can discuss2 la :P)
  • HEROES Season 2
    duh... who hasn't been waiting for this!... with the exception of Zaxx who still refuses to show any interest. BOO!

    This also means that i'm divorcing my toy boy Zac Efron... in attempts of rekindling my love for Peter Petrelli.

  • America's Next Top Model Cycle 9!
    Although Jaslene's win last season, may have crushed the dreams of many who were rooting for anyone but her.. This season is definately BETTER! cuz the girls are prettier and hotter and of course Bitchier! I love ANTM. :D
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender. Book 3: FIRE.
    The only cartoon i really like. I have to thank Ezani for brainwashing me into watching this.
  • Survivor Season 15
    The thing i don't get about the people that enter survivor is how the hell, after 14 seasons on air.... can you not realise that survivor is HARD!!! Honestly, Every season theres always some airhead in survivor going.. 'Eiuw, i can't believe we have to sleep on the dirt'

  • Prison Break Season 3
    My fave blue-eyed 'Gay' convict is back! (Yeah, he totally is gay. Get over it addam)
  • How i met your mother Season 3
    OWH GOD! Let this be the season that Ted finds his future wife pls! Those poor kids! The first episode seems promising with cameo's from Enrique Iglesias and Mandy Moore :D :D

    Owh Barney How I Missed You!!

    And check out . *You'll understand after we watch the first episode. It's going to be Legen..... wait for it.....DARY!
  • UGLY BETTY Season 2..
    ... gets better!! How can you not love Ugly Betty. My fave Character is Amanda... She may be bitchy. But hey, at least she's honest.. ^_^

    Get over it. Amanda's AWESOME!


AddamBlack said...

why must he be GAY? why? oh why???

such a cool guy~
not as cool as Linch though

abah said...

OMG! OMG! hardisk gue penuh la camnehhhhhhhh Deym mit!

Ayeshadam said...

Addam: Haha, tu la. aku pon kecewa gak sebenarnya. But then again he's Waaaayyyy to pretty to be straight. :P

Abah: Haha. itu la pasal. Terpaksa la mulakan operasi mendelete cite tak besh. :P

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