Sunday, September 23


Penat GILA BABI... can DIE!!

I just got off work on my 2nd day at Tower Records... My legs are killing me.
Sakit segala menda yg boleh disakiti. :(( :((

But actually, today not so bad. Yesterday i was in a state of unconsciousness... literally.

Got home @ 6.30 and pengsan'd... woke at 7.15pm to bukak puasa.

Went back to sleep @ 7.45pm....

Woke up for sahur at 4.30am, went back to sleep... and finally woke up for work at 8am...

Ok, Ok, i lied. I actually woke up at 9.40am. And was a teeeeeeny bit late for work.
But someone was later then me so none cared. :P

Work is really interesting! Ok, i lied again.

Bosan gila! it's kinda fun when you have something to do... but most of the time you just stand around waiting for stuff to happen. Today i learned how to wrap and tag albums... yay!

Tomorrow im going to learn how to man the cashier! :D Yay! most things to do!

But this line of work has its downsides.. like for instance, at the end of the day my feet feel like jello! When i get my paycheck, the first thing im going to do is treat them to a nice long foot reflexology thing. ngee~

ps: im not going to tell you exactly where i work, for the obvious reasons. I dont want you dorks to come and bother me at work. :P You know who you dorks are. :P


AddamBlack said...

i nak beli cd lah. mana nak cari ha? hurmmm...
*berfikir panjang*

e²¹ said...

woh. kau keje from pagi ke malam ke? giler ah. masa break kau pegi mana? Kaki aku pun sakit hari2 pasal asyik diri kat cashier jer memanjang. Bosan giler. Tapi bila customer ramai (usually masa weekend) pressure giler. How much is your pay btw?

v|nder said...

i'm looking for a job too, any chance there's an opening there?

Ayeshadam said...

addam: ^_^ bluek!

e2: i get like 4 bucks an hour. Tapi cool la, i get to play whatever songs i want. :D :D muahaha! i tgh tunggu soundtrack hairspray keluar, then my life will be complete. :P hehe.

vinder: DEFINATELY! They need people like straight away. Msg me for details kayh? :)

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