Tuesday, August 28

Today is a very very bad day...

Slept at 3am. My headached was not getting anybetter... and theres no more panadols in the house. :(

Woke up at 5am.... to catch the 6 o'clock bus to cyber.

Was waiting downstairs for the bus when i realised i had forgotten my folder with some documents that i needed, i ran back up stairs and as soon as i got back down i saw the bus leaving... *crap*

Waited for the next bus, which arrived somewhere around 6.45-6.50...

Reached Citrus park, waited for the puchong bus... was so eager to sit down that i ran headfirst into a signboard. *sakit gila OK!* Reactivated my headache. :(

Got on the bus, no tempat duduk so had to stand all the way to puchong. From puchong took the u43 bus to Putrajaya.... finally got a seat and got ready to take a nap when some indons got on and sat behind me. I wouldn't have minded if they had kept quiet... -__- but somehow it had seemed quite impossible for they had somehow swallowed microphones and were having conversations on high volume.

Finally reached Putrajaya at 8.45... eyah *you finally get the length of my journey*

Got on the final bus to MMU and reached mmu at almost 9 so i was a bit too eager to get off the bus that i got up before the bus stopped and so when it braked i toppled forward and fell into the chinese girl sitting infront of me *klutz gila... -__-*

I was gonna get off the bus, when i realised.... my hands were free.... WHERE'S MY FOLDER????!!! *shitshitshitshit*

called nana otw to mmu to ask if she was going to class..

Aye: Bangun!!!
Nana: Where are u?
Aye: Kat mmu dah. U dah bgn dah ke?
Nana: U dah kat mmu? U tak baca mmls ke?
Aye: Tak asal? (seriously.... who bloody reads mmls neway??)
Nana: Class postponed la... takde class.
Aye: WHAT???!@!#%#&*!#%^!#&@%!*#^!%!$%@^&#!!!!!!!



Nana: Owh, tp assignment kene hantar harini... before 5pm.


So it's now 10 am..... and the start of my day is practically screwed.

Let see if it gets better. Which i doubt. :(


Mahathir said...

so sad..
tp xpe la..take it as pengajaran..
so..after this..before go anywhere..think what should u bring along..
don't too 'kelam kabut'..just relex and take a breath..
i think if u don't too 'kelam kabut'
u can do it better than this..
Ok that's all from me..^_^

mizzteryGurl said...

hehe... wat a day la aye... cian kat ko... ahaks... anyway, take care... aku terigt plak zaman sek dulu... camtu laaa aku tiap kali bapak aku tak dpt nk antar sbb die outstattion... hehehe...

ko ulang alik ke skrg nie?

mat rempit malaysia said...

lu tertinggal folder apew aye~..

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