Monday, August 27

Weekend Hangover..

I'm having a horrible monday, i think i might have a fever... and my head hurts. :(

It could be because I had an awesome weekend. :)

On Friday night, me and cuddles went out on an attempt to be rid of the boredom and watched a midnight show of Rush Hour 3. I think the bloopers were funnier than the actuall movie -__-. I hate Chris Tucker... he is as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard. GAH!

On Saturday night, me and cuddles shot off to PutraJaya to see the fireworks :D. It was ok, we thought it would have been a nice idea to watch the fireworks from the putrajaya bridge. Over the lake. But unfortunately for us, everyone thought it would have been a nice idea too. :P

The actually firework display was ok. i mean the fireworks were really really low, and we couldn't really see much. But what we saw looked nice. :) Everyone else on the bridge seems pissed tho, you could hear mutterings of discontent all around. But, yea.. what to do.

On Sunday, Mama, cuddles and i went on an impromtu vacation to Genting Highlands. :D :D :D

It was fantastic, and we had loads of fun.... we rode the corkscrew about 4 times (it was mama's fav ride.. and she insisted we rode it more than once.) I also managed to get mama and cuddles on the Space Shot... had a tougher time persuading cuddles to do it tho. :P But he did eventually... and it was worth it. hehe.

The only sad thing about the trip was that we didnt have a camera.. so we had to buy pictures from the genting people. Mama bought one of all of us on the corkscrew... i'll post it up here when i find someplace to scan it. :)

I got MRR class tomorrow. I really have to go. *Submissions and all.. blablabla* But my head is still hurting. I hurts so much that it took my 3 hours to write this post... huhu~

Maybe i'll get an MC. see la how. Wish me luck!

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