Wednesday, August 15

Chuzzle Madness


I ate McD yesterday.....

I also ate McD today....

Safe to say the diet is screwed to hell.

Haven't done my SIMMOD assignment yet. :( Dunno where to start really.

Risau plak.. :(

I FINALLLLLYYYY! Got my VR sweater from ezani yesterday. Despite e2's fears... it fit me, kinda. But the HOOD WAS LIKE DAMN TINY! I swear when i put the hood on it looked like a tudung... Mama laughed and said i looked like a penguin. -__-

Then when i tried take it off my giant watermelon head got trapped in tiny hole they called a collar. Bloody thing almost killed me. Lucky mama rescued me by me navigate thru the tiny hole. Bodoh tul...

I knew VR was going to be the end of me somehow. :(

End of term is coming..... and i need to find a way to pay my fees.

Cuz the original plan was for me to get a job and start work by july. And use my paycheck to pay the 7K balance that i have pending to MMU. No luck so far.

Im gonna be in deep dudu come september when exams come cuz im going to be barred, and i wont be able to take my exams. GAH. I hate money... its so irritating.

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