Monday, August 13


from FCM class of 2007

How i wish i was up there with you guys *tear*

MMU isn't the same without all ur familiar faces.... No more hanging out in HB3 seeing people i know passing thru to go to classes.

GOSH!! i'm gonna miss you guys!!

Special Shoutout to My VR Classmates (+kakida), Ehsan, Chapan, Heikal, Ronal, Miki,..... You people effected my life and help me thru at some point or another. Hopefully i'll see u guys around again. Kalau online tuh msg2 la eh? :P

Ezani... im not gonna miss so much. Cuz i have a feeling im going to see a lot of you come this november. :P

Wish i had another sister for ehsan.... so i can see him around too. hehe. :P

Neway, GOOD LUCK with your future guys! And hopefully by the time i graduate one of u can give me a good job recomendation. Haha!

See my facebook for some of my collection of pics in our time in MMU.

Alpha Years
Beta Years

Neone else have some pics they'd like to share?

Ps: Miki! i want my pangkor trip CD back.


e²¹ said...

ye, i'm not gonna miss you much either. dah muak tengok muka kau. :P also tired of waiting for you all the time and driving you around. :P:P:P

and good luck finishing up your VR without me! (i'm no good with virtools...)


Ayeshadam said...


Redzuan said...

wow ada nama aku. (terharu) takpe, aku still jual anggur around cyber. u can still see my cute face around *blush*

Ida said...

ahaha siap ade plus tu nama kite :P proudly i'm half vr :D ngee~

Gonna miss u too! Dem, dah tak leh nak hang out kat kelas vr yang cool tu :(

Hope to see you someday, if ada reunion datang la k? Bawak la ur Cuddles ^^

Good luck, Aye! :)

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