Thursday, August 16

I am not a bloody call girl

Last thursday i went to cyber to sleepover at Nana's

we were bored so we decided to hang out at the mamak shop downstairs.. It was probably like 5-6 o clock so there wasn't that many people around. I was sitting alone cuz nana had went upstairs cuz she wanted to take something..

Then suddenly this 'Black Guy' came up at sat at my table.

I dislike black guys on sight.... cuz,

Firstly, they all think they are friggin celebrities like bloody P diddy or Ja Rule. They think they got game. Like kononnya they are hot like Usher when they are actually arabian and speak like retards cuz they dont understand english!
also Cyberia has a very high number of africans who are mostly so bloody poyo. Who make you wanna slap them.

Playa konon. Aku hentak ngn playar kang. -__-

neway this guy... came up with the same game plan.

black dude: Yo howya doin (he says this with an accent so ghetto american you'd think he was lost)
white chick *me*: im fine
BD: Whats banging.
me: (are u friggin serious??) nothing.
BD: So i was over there, sitt'n wit my boy and i was checkin' u out all alone here. So i tot i would com'ere and see how'd u do.
So how'd you do?
me: i'm fine.
BD: where u from?
me: where am i from as in? where im from? like home... or what country am i from?
BD: What country u from.
me: Im local....
BD: NO SHITTIN' ME! u lyin'!
me: no.... im not lying. Im from malaysia.
BD: y'know u the nicest malaysian girl i've met.
me: (duh..) err.. thank u.

After further talks.... i found out (not by choice) that this guy's name was KIM (as in 'Kim like that korean guy'..... whuh?) and that he was infact from florida, America. After a bit he called his BOY over to the table... who's name was Alan, not from America but Rwanda, Africa.

Alan was wayyyyyyyyy nicer. He talked like he had a brain. Maybe thats the reason i opened up and started talking. Neway Nana finally showed up.. but wasn't much help for she mostly fell silent over the sudden unwelcomed guest.

Neway the story goes, he cornered me for my number and i had no choice but to give it to him. Cuz these days the tactic is to call on the spot to see if the phone rings. So it's really impossible to give a fake number. After that he called a few times over the next few days but i always had reasons y i couldn't 'chill out'.

ie: Im at my grandmothers, I have to go to the bank, Got stuff to do....

Today... at 4.30AM he called... again using another number probably because i've been screening his calls.

Kim: Yo, how'd u do.
Me: Whuh?
Kim: How'd u do?
Me: (realising i shouldn't have picked up) Owh, im fine.
Kim: What'd u doing?
Me: Sleeping (which is a total lie... cuz i really can't sleep)
Kim: NAAAAAAAA! u can't be sleeping? Where u from?
Me: ??? whuh? Im at home....
Kim: In KL?
Me: Yea...
Kim: Ok cool, i'll come pick u up. We go chill
Me: Whuh!!!!??? It's 4.30 AM!
Kim: OK then, i'll 'FUCKING' call u tomorrow at 2 and we'll go hook up.
Me: Can't i got stuff to do.
Kim: FUCK the Stuff. I'll pick u up... we'll go hook up.
Me: Can't going out with my Boyfriend. I told u i had a bf (which i did... on that first time i met him and multiple times after. There's no time to use your boyfriend as a shield then to ward off annoying Men.)
Kim: Cancel it! Fuck your boyfriend. Fuck it. We go hook up yo!
Me: Can't...
Kim: I don't fucking care. Im gonna call u tommorrow at 4Pm. I'll go to KL and pick u up.
Me: EXCUSE ME?? Im not a friggin call girl. And i dont need to do what u say.
Kim: U know u want to.. fuck off your fucking boyfriend.
Me: *letak phone*

Now i'm screening.

this is what i should have said....

WHO THE HELL IS YOU!!! to bloody give me orders at 4 in the friggin MORNING?? I don't want to CHILL OUT / HOOK UP or whatever the hell with you. AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to try and make me? You should take your bloody BLACK ASS back to your COUNTRY and stay there... If u got no manners you shouldn't come to My Country. ASSHOLE!!!

*skian venting session untuk malam ini*


Loi said...

OMG sial giler!! Seb baik he doesn't know where you live...right? =| Ish. Stalkers adalah golongan orang yang sgt sial.

Ida said...

God, tak suka them also. Once i was late for a class, tak ingat tapi that class was at FCM. Then kena naik lift because i was so damn lazy. Anywho, bile the lift punya pintu about to tutup, terdengar suara suruh hold the pintu, so i did. Then walked in this black dengan his hip hop poser self, berjalan dengan terhenjut2, sloooooooooooow gile. u know the way they walk kan? sial lambat :(

Ayeshadam said...

loi: Agreed! Annoying pastu nak marah2.. whatever~

ida: So true!! pastu nak lick2 lips.. GAH! rasa cam nak sepak je. eiuw..

AddamBlack said...

what's banging?? seriously? what's banging??
that is soooo damn stoopid! silly actually. but "banging"? heheee

whoever: what's banging?
me: your mom, YO!


whoever: what's banging?
me: who's bangang? you, YO!

dotsuchi said...

aww fuck. wahahahahahahahha. been there yo. this stalker was well uhmm stalking me for the millionth time and i pretended to be on the phone. when tetibe secara kebetulan org call and the phone rang. so i ran and nyorok dlm toilet ok for like 15 minutes. damn persistent bastards. blegh. geli.

Anonymous said...

yg u bodoh sgt g kasik no tepon sape suruh?? its ur own fault la. u boleh jer buat dunno je.pastu mamat tu call u leh angkat lak.theres another opportunity untuk buat bodoh.nak marah2 org luar masuk m'sia.bukan u pon mix ke? kalo org luar tak masuk u tak born kot.think about it for a while...

am i right or am i right?

Anonymous said...

uish..aku sokong komen kat atas..kite sebagai perempuan kena ada maruah diri jati malaysia! bukan boleh sesuka hati bg no phone dkt org lain @ foreigner yg sewaktu dgnnye...oh btw..GUD LUCK!

Ayeshadam said...

kepada yg berdua anonymous diatas..

ape masalah korang?

Annon 1: i bukan bodoh kasi no phone, i was bodoh sbb i was trying not to be rude. Org tu dtg ckp baik2, pehal plak nak rude ngn org tuh. Tp in the end dia sendiri yg buat hal kan? bukan i, at least i sendiri was not rude!


I kata kalau dah takde respect tuk org, takde manners, jgn dtg sini. Bukan i marah sumer foreigners kan? BODOH.

Plus, so what if im mixed pon? My parents met kat UK. Ape kene mengena ngn topic ni?

Again, Bodoh. Tak tau pape.. pastu nak bising.

Annon 2: Ni lagi bodoh. tak tau nak ckp ape dah... Diri Jati Malaysia? WTF yg ko nak sampaikan sebenarnya?

orang seperti diatas.. kalau tak baca blog aku. aku lagi happy. takde akal nye org.

Anonymous said...

aku sokong AYE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tak semesti nye kene rude kalo x kasik no tepon.takkan nak kasik no kat sesape jer yg mintak.takkan semua org yg cakap baik2 u kene kasik. u have ur own rights.tu da kire ur own privacy.

dah u kasik no tepon, mamat tu call la. give ur phone to some random guy its a sign ape.pastu u reject mane dier tak bengang.

krisya said...

aku sokong anonymous!

Ayeshadam said...

it's not a sign, kalau awal2 lagi org tuh tak tau a person is not available, like example: org tu ada bf.

susah la kalau everytime a girl kasi number to a guy, it has to mean something. Besides, he was completely decent... until dia start pakai language camtu. Dah la, malas la argue pasal menda ni.

Anonymous said...

mistake sendiri, sendiri tanggung.yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa! dont blame org luar. blame ur stupidity.cheers!

Alia said...

These people can simply say what they want, but they're not the ones who were in the situation. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. It's easy for you to say that it's your 'right' to give or not to give your number, but I don't see a reason why it should be considered stupid since he was perfectly fine until he became a clinging maniac.

And I've had encounters with people like this too and they're the REALLY persistent type - jenis yang tak paham bahasa and I bet you a gazillion bucks that if Aye didn't give her number, he won't budge. Habis tu nak buat camne?

armster said...

Kalau nigger tu buat kacau lg.. jgn lupe ajak aku kalau nak pukul ramai2 (currently having a tendency to pick a fight with some of the stupid foreigners haha)

Anonymous said...


Ayeshadam said...

Arm skrg gengster cyberia eh. hehe. slack geng sumer keding2 je. :P

Rahim Razali said...

ceh cam power je nak pukul nigger..nigger pukul ngan kote dorang ko dah pengsan..power woo..HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHGAGAGAGAAGAGAGAGAGAGAGEGEGEGEGEGEGUGUGUGUGUGUGUGIGIGIGIIG

yg ikhlas,
stalker nigger

Nana. said...

perhatian weyh anonymous semua.

1st of all, I was there when the BD was asking for aye's number. U know, Alia was right. He wont just give up if Aye never gave her number, so it would be a problem coz it will take forever for him to leave the place.

Ini bkn masalah niggers je, ni masalah lelaki sbenarnya. They tend to push it too much when they can't get what they want. Bosan btol. Apekah?

If Aye tak kasi fone number, buatnya dia jerit-jerit kt situ, siap spit lagi, ape nak buat?

ingat tak kes i kene kacau ngn nigger tu aye? he asked for my name, n fone number but i didnt want to give it to him. He end up shouting at me, and then siap spit. Babih kan lelaki tak reti bahasa mcm ni? aku jadi pembunuh kang...

Anonymous said...

HHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA..aku gelak je la..pandai2 la ko pk sendri..diri da besar..

armster said...

T.T sedih dengar statement ko.. nk wat camne member aku byk yg kurang gen ketinggian mahupun lemak

rahim razali:dude rase2 sape punye kote yg % to hit on target lagi tinggi kalo kene penyepak.. nigger punye ke local people punye.. benda tu umpama ekor son goku tau.. asset penting + kelemahan utama hahaha

sori aye aku dah men"cemar"kan blog ko :P

Ida said...

Aye gave the phone number sebab dia takde choice lain, bet the guy try on the spot number tu. Kalau dia tau aye bagi fake number, sure the guy akan mintak sampai aye bagi her real number. Utk elak kena pester, baik bagi je the number kan?

Anonymous said...

hahaa.. so funny la ayesha..u kan mmg bitch.. anyone boleh tido dgn i dont know u.. itu baru bagi no fon..actually anyone boleh tido dgn u kan.. nak berlagak baik konon..blah lah

Aduhai Saliha said...

OMG....speechless..tapi adakah betulkah awak macam itu ayesha?eee tak baik tau!

Anonymous said...

i agreed 100%. ayesha memang bitch. tidur dengan lelaki sana sini. bangga sangat agaknya dapat tidur dengan ramai orang.lelaki macam kami ni tak ada lah hati hendak buat u ni isteri.setakat main2 bolehlah.dah puas,chowla..ayesha.jangan ingat kami tak kenal perangai u.hendak salahkan orang lain pulak.sendiri cari masalah


hei anonymous di atas!! BETUL KE KAU CAKAP INI?!!! macam kau pernah tido dengan ayesha adam aje!?? kalau aku nak try dia boleh tak agak-agak nye? dah lama tak dapat rasa kenikmatan bermanja dengan wanita yang "banyak air" ni!..ish sure mengerang kuat!pass kan aku no phone dia kat sini..

passerby said...

Anonymous said...

"jangan ingat kami tak kenal perangai u."

berdasarkan petikan di atas.betulkah ape yg anda cakap nih?? "kami" ?? mmg bnyk ke? uishhh kantoi lak dah. huahahah kasik la bukti sket untuk menmperkukuhkan statement yg anda telah bagi.baru senang org lain nak percaye.

Anonymous said...

tak baik cakap camtu doh..maruah org tu..haishhh..tapi kalau betul ape salahnye..

Anonymous said...

ala..ape salahnye main ngan nigger..kote besar..hitam..gagah perkasa..lazat..nikmat..takkan u tak suke kote besar..? hahahhahhahahhhahahhahahha

Ayeshadam said...

Seriously, did u people even read the post? ke saja2 masuk blog nih sbb nak ckp fitnah2 pasal aku.


Get bent. And go find another mangsa. This one's way better than you. And u'll probably lose this fight. :)

Ayeshadam said...

Owh, and i'm not going to delete the above comments.. because i like to be remembered of how IDIOTIC/ JEALOUS/ RIDICULOUSLY STUPID the human race tends to be.

*great example would be the one above mine.


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