Saturday, June 23

Lofters.... in a row.

Last thursday.

I went to The loft @ herritage row with cuddles and his friends. It was ok. I had'nt been out and about for so long... forgot how to behave.

Plus it was the first time i went out without my girls. *i miss them*

neway it was my first time there and the place was pretty nice and it was RNB!! yaaayyy~! Reliving my ghetto days. harhar. Even got cuddles to dance.. But as usual didnt have a camera so no pictures......

*need to get a camera, dude... takbleh hidup like this*

Then on Friday.

I was suppose to go back to melawati but i couldn't get there in time :( :(... cuz it was already too late and my grandmother usually sleeps pretty early.

So I went to see SHREK part TRES with cuddles in OU. After that mashi called and said she would pick us up at 11+ to go to loft @ Zouk.

We reached loft about 12+ and ..... WAH!! so many people who i dont know!

I'm so used to going there and knowing everyone... but cuz i haven't been there in awhile because i was busy with FYP and stuff that now lots of new people have started hanging out there.

Some old faces were seen... the owh-so-Indie Couple.. Dude and Raja, Lovable hugo, and some other people that i usually see there. :)

Owh i got to meet CAROLINE!!! She's performing down in KLPAC today.... Couldn't get tix cuz they were sold out... plus no one wanted to go with me. She's so pretty and tiny! I love her song... Where's my love. :) it's haunting and yet beautiful.... :D

Neway i have pics! but its with mashi.... and she's no where to be found. :P So i'll probably upload them as soon as i get them. :) Yay!

nway.... i need a job.

If anyone knows of any vacancies.... Please let me know. :D


Yuen-Chi Lian said...

*Randomly dropping by*

I gotta agree that The Loft is good ;-) and it surprised me at the first time. I have been there twice and I had fun.

But anyway, clubbing hasn't been really in the TODOs list for so long.


Ayeshadam said...

Hey YC,

thx for dropping by. :)

Ya hard to find time for clubbing these days. huhu.

But its fun once in awhile... i think too much makes it boring tho.. :P

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