Sunday, June 3


Remember when i got married for zaxx's MPM thing.


I stole it from zaxx's website. :D :D

It's kinda weird watching it back..... but it's all cool. Thx to all the guys in vogue wagon. :D

*Edit.* My part is really really tiny! so don't go' Wtf tu je ke??'.

-__- Saya bukan superstar.

Owh and here's a pic from my birthday lepakking at hartamas :P Alia has been hounding me for these for days. WISH U WERE HERE BABE!!! miss ya loads.

My Beloveds. :)
Didie, Nana, Zaxx, Mashi, Joe, faliq.

*Not included my Jaja and WanDabomb. :(


Alia said...

Didi dah tembam!!! Ngahahhaha!

But you're still cute :) Ngee.. Wish I was there! Huhuhu.. Believe it or not, I MISS bumming around in Hartamas doing NOTHING and just lepaking shisha or something.

And I used to whinge about it all the time.. Hmph.

Everyone looks so nice. And WHERE did you get that dress?! Wish my top had arrived faster so you could've worn it for ur bday.. Muhuhu.

Ayeshadam said...

Dress ditaja oleh the usual suplier. *cough cough*

Didie mmg dah tembam. I call him sibulat. :D

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