Friday, June 8

There she goes.

I hate holidays.

They are only fun when u have money. Therefore this holiday sucks!

So many things to take care off and figure out. Should try and go for interviews to get a job, but im still doing that freelance bit first. Plus my computer is still in limbo. :(

Sape2 yg baik hati ajak la aku kuar eh? bosan nih. :(


e²¹ said...

jom movie. shrek aku baru tengok. fantastic 4 jom. eh tapi nanti baru lagi kluar, takleh guna tiket free kau.....

Ayeshadam said...

wah, aku ada ticket buy one free one.

Tgk shrek again nak? ke nak tgk sumolah?

Or wanna watch pirates again? :P

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