Friday, June 1

Im too cute to be 22.

It's hard to say that your alone in the world when so many people know your name.

I just finished reading (Approving/denying) somewhat 600+ myspace msgs wishing me happy birthday. *seriously, it took me 3 days.*

Some whom i know personally, some whom i kinda know from the web, some whom i don't know at all, some whom aren't even from this country.

Awesome right? My birthday is a international event! :D :P

I'm used to being in denial about the whole myspace thing. You never want to admit people know who you are. But lately it's getting kinda hard to ignore. I can't help but wonder whenever i go somewhere, if theres at least one person... who is on my friendlist.

Scary, but usually there is.

Then i'll get this
"Hey i saw you at ....., yesterday with ....."

Fame is a fickle friend. Accidental fame is just weird.

Me not complaining. Yet.


b. gundul S. Farm said...

sorry, i'm too late to say happy B day. happy b day Aye!

Ayeshadam said...

hehe, never too late. :D

thx adam! :)

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