Tuesday, April 10

The Beauty in The Ugly.

Listening to My darling Jason Mraz's new song. He's so adorable... i wonder if he's still single? :P

Neway as promised... TIOMAN PICS!! yaaayy~~

Firstly the story, we shot off for mersing on thursday, about 1.30 am from sri damansara.
It was a seriously long and tiresome journey....

about 5 something, we were somewhere in between muadzam and rompin.... and we run out of petrol. Panicking, cuz non of us wanted to pust the car in the middle of nowhere. Luckily for us, the car managed to reach rompin in one piece.

I slept the rest of the way to mersing.. (actually slept most of the way... :P)

On the ferri from mersing to tioman... i got a little seasick. So i slept summore. :D

Finally, we were in TIOMAN! :D Yaaay!!

The arrival of Mz. Ayesha Frances to the island of TIOMAN.

First order of business...... Renaming the Island to a more suitable name.


I went seashell hunting. Weeee!

That night, we just lazed around the chalet, had dinner, and later i went with cuddles to the Jeti to go fishing. :D

* no we didn't catch anything. :P

The next day... I went on a boat trip, to *can'trememberwhatisland* and the Tioman Marine Park.

I went SNORKELING!! :D :D It was both fun, awesome and Terrifying! Cuz i don't really like fish. If you remember my SG. Congkak insident. There was however a specific fish that i found that i found that i really fell in love with... and it's not just cuz it's pink. :P

I can't find a decent picture.. so i guess this will have to do. :)

Owh! I also Saw a DUGONG!!

It was so cute. ^__^ serious. Haha..


Ignore the Peace Sign. I was having a heat-stroke from too much sun. :P

The Jasni's - Farah, Affendy and their mother.

Me and Cuddles last picture before going back to Kg Genting.
There are no pictures of me in the water, one of the drawbacks of being the camera woman. Always taking pictures, never to be taken pictures of. Hurm..

Neway back at the Chalet.. Cuddles set of to persue his unfulfilled dream of catching a fish and I went to chill out on the beach with my sketchbook.
Lepaking... weee!!

Later that night, we all sat down for a nice BBQ dinner... with prawns, fish, lamb and chicken wings. Yum YUM.

And no, cuddles didn't catch any of the fish. :P

Happy Vacation. :) Thx to Cuddles, His Mom, Raja (his sisters boyfriend) and His big sister, Farah. Muahx!


AddamBlack said...

your picture is "soooo soooo soooo cantik". che mat would be so proud...

nanana-ne said...

for the fact it's free, i am so damn jeles. again.

btw, u looked gorjesss in d pics. :)

nazli said...

sha, take a deeper dive and u'll be in another world.

Ayeshadam said...

addam: che mat reads my blog? wahh!!

nanana-ne: Haha.. thankiu dear.

nazli: Hoho, i want to... wish i was that adventurous. maybe one day i'll pluck up the courage. :)

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