Monday, April 9

Last Wednesday, I was Kidnapped.

And dragged against my will, to some island in the middle of nowhere!!

Huhu, Ok Ok, not really dragged against my will la, more like 'TAKE ME TAKE ME! I'll go!'.
and it wasn't really just some random island, more like TIOMAN ISLAND.

WoOt wOot!!

hahaha, That's right due to the sick and horrible weather in Cyberjaya. Cuddles thought it'll be nice to bring me along to join his family vacation in Tioman. At first i was reluctant and i really really didn't want to go cuz of the overbearing workload and the fact that i have very limited funds to spend. And island vacations aren't exactly CHEAP!

So i didn't except his offer and went along my merry business.

Then Cuddles called, wednesday afternoon, and said i wouldn't have to pay for anything.. and that his mother really really wanted me to go.

I had two choices.

Stay here, Do VR and be bored (as usual) or GO HAVE FREE VACATION IN FRIGGIN TIOMAN!
*i actually had to think about it for a long time.* Doink!! i mean how hard could it be to pick?

Finally after merujuk para expert *mashi and nana*, i decided to go to tioman.

And i don't regret it at all!!! :D :D

Visit later for the full story on my island adventure here later.. for now i'm of to edit some photo's.



nanana-ne said...

a free vacation?
lucky you.
jeles nie.

Alia said...

WHAT THE @#*&%$&@#*$&@?!?!?!?!

and you chatted with me this morning about lesser juicy stuff?!


Ayeshadam said...

nanana-ne: haha... ya, so lucky :P

alia: owh, i thought u knew.. hehe. :P :))

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