Thursday, February 22

Nature Girl

Yesterday i went to Sg. Congkak with Cuddles and family (+ his sisters bf).

Before i go any further i would like to get somthing of my chest.

Little FISHIES ARE EVIL!! Not cute.

As far as im concerned Fishes are considered WILD ANIMALS, horrible vicious creatures. Goreng kang baru tau!


as you can see i don't do well in the wild. Not because im a a wuss........ OKay it's a little bit because i'm a BIG WUSS. I don't like creepy crawlies. Especially ones that can swim into my pants *no more details to be included here*


Nway, despite the wildlife, the day was pretty fun. We had nasi lemak by the river and lotsa oranges (huahua! gong xi gong xi!). The water was FREEZING!!!! twas Awesome. After a day of splashing around it started to rain and we all got out all excluding cuddles (who was still splashing about in the rain like a 4 year old. So comel. ngee!)

After i and his mother started yelling then only he came out. -__-

men boys. peh.

On the way back home (they sent me to OUG) we made a quick stop at LOW YATT again. Finally got my HD!!! :D :D :D

but was ripped off!! rm 210 for a 160Gb hd. (normal price rm185)

BLOODY APEK! No prosperity for you!

nvm la think of it as giving angpau to his poor kids whose father is working on CNY. ^__^
I know, i'm so nice. :D

My house masuk pencuri.

serious. tak tipu.

I don't really care, as long as my PC is still here im good.

Yang kene curi.
-Mashi's DKNY green apple perfume (rm300)
-Lizzie's MNG top and VINCCI slippers (dunno how much)

Nana and Jaja still not back from CNY to do inventory on their stuff yet. But apparently only branded stuff was stolen. So lucky, im brandless and broke. ^__^.

So somewhere out there is a nice smelling, MNG wearing thief. So if u see someone with this characteristic feel free to stone her (i'm guessing it's a She) to death.

Hey, thats what they did in the olden days. That must have ROCKED! pun intended. :D

*pics uploaded later when cuddles finally uploads them*


Anonymous said...

perampok! perampok!

nanana-ne said...

di saat saat kene rompak ini baru laa boleh tersenyum menjadi org yg tidak berape berduit

Rashid said...

Ikan itu pencinta wanita, mereka bukan buaya.

Alia said...

Damn you inconsiderate bafoon! I thought you ALWAYS censored spoilers in your blog!! I saw the word Simone dead and I was cursing like faaaaaaaaaak! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

p/s: I'm pissed cuz I d/l-ed Heroes 16 for two whole days and it only sampai 30% wtf. So I cancelled and nak tgk youtube, then it was closed for maintenance. Argh! Tensi :(

Ayeshadam said...

alia: I'm SORRY!! hey, this is kinda like the first spoiler ever wokey... mana i tau, people are supposed to watch it by thursday. :D

Lembabnya internet connection ko. Aku dl less then a day.. does that mean streamyx is better than whatever aussies use?? :O

Alia said...

Haha, I think so.

But then again, I don't leave my comp on overnight. I'm all alone here, nanti rosak susah. :(

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