Saturday, March 10

Yes I'm Ayesha Adam.

Now, stop staring please!

Seriously, would everyone jut get a grip?...

Yesterday, me and Jaja walked to MMU to go to the bank. Since last nite was also Audiowarfare lots of outsiders came to cyberjaya. Coming back from the bank i came face to face with this guy who as soon as he saw me,

Guy: Eh, Ayesha Adam. *POINTS*
Girl: Mana!?! *Looks straight at me*
Me: Whuh? *Looks away and walks of really fast*

Once i had past them i turn around to get a better view of the couple. *mana lah tau i kenal them from somewhere.*

They were still standing there staring at me. I'm guessing they know me from Myspace. I don't mind them recognising me.... just don't POINT and STARE! It drives me mad that people don't have common courtesy! Say hi.... don't point and gawk. I'm not a sideshow.

Also happened to me yesterday.
I went to Zouk with Jaja.. i was standing at the staircase trying to fix my shoe. I look over and these two girls yelled 'Hi Ayesha!!' from the other side of the table. Stunned, and not having any idea who these girls were, i smiled and waved... glad to see someone with decent common courtesy! Well, I was WRONG.

Me and jaja were starting to have a nice time dancing and suddenly i felt something cold, hit my back. Those bitches threw ice cubes at me and jaja. WTF?

seriously, WTF???

What did i ever do to you? Irritating gila. Bitches..
Nak kata i curik boyfriend dia.. takde plak. How could i have possibly offend them by dancing alone.. with jaja next to me. Argh! Stupid gila.

So fed up with people with no common sense!


Anonymous said...

glam~! :p

Anonymous said...

Becos u r so cantik.

Anonymous said...

kesian aye. derang jelous with u tuh. *beecccchhhhhhh* heheh tis is diana btw :P

nanana-ne said...

baling la gelas plak kat dorang
haha, okey dat will create another bitches *okeh i shuddup*

sbb ayesha adam sgt glemer dan mereke itu jeles, u shud brag bout dat ,tp sebab yg recognised u sumenye yg irritating punye type so u felt irritated plak. siannyeee hemmm...

Anonymous said...

cicici.. mottif? :p

Ayeshadam said...

Diana: Hey diana :) Jeles pon, takyah ar baling menda.. gila kan?

Nanana-ne: Glamer la sgt kan? huhu.. Gosh i miss u guys. sigh~

Anonymous: Motif?? entah.. takde point actually. tu yg bengang tuh.

NAdrah the cuteness said...

Why would people do such a horrible thing??!!! Well, like Justin Timberlake sings " What goes around comes around..", i'm sure they will all kena balik.. InsyaAllah...

Ayeshadam said...

hehe.. I love it when people quote Justin Timberlake. 'Ain't no lie baby, Bye bye bye'!

bee the adorable said...

alaa u poor thing. intimidated ke ape tu. mean people like that shud be shot right btwn the eyes.
ure famous lah. screw those bastards.

aie said...

It proves that myspace publicity sucks? lol. still, it was downright uncivilized. i hope somebody throws ice blocks back at them instead.

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