Tuesday, March 6

I Wanna Go!!

Who wants to go wit me?? angkat keybod!

I LOST MY ATM CARD!! and went into full panic mode cuz i only had a few coins in my wallet.

only to find it later at home... underneath my keyboard. -__-

Crisis Averted!! :D

Heroes is ON HIATUS until 23 April!!! WAH!! what am i going to do for one and a half months?? I think im going to have 'Heroes Withdrawal Syndrome'. Meaning i'll be moody every Monday/Tuesday. And probably won't be able to hang out with E2 cuz he reminds me of Hiro Nakamura.

E2 Nakamura

Hiro Baharuddin.

COINCIDENCE? i think not.

I'm Starting to see a trend in my post these days. haha.

Owh, please let peter be ok.... :( SYLAR IS EVIL!! *Owh, and i hope Mohinder is ok too.*

Here's my current avatar which is the envy of/irritating everyone on my yahoo list.

I know i'm shameless ^_^

ps: Affendy Jasni.. I still love you no matter how hot milo is. You are my real life HERO. ^__^


abah said...

Huwarghh aku benci Sylar!!!!!!!!!!

Dan peter bakal dimakan hotaknye.. ala hiatus ke..now thats boring.. lamernyer nak tunggu the next episode.. :(

Alia said...

Hoik.. mana ade. peter takkan mati. Kalau peter mati Sylar akan jadi kuat gila... Bahaya tuh. :P

Ayeshadam said...

Peter won't Die! Yeahaha~

*yg atas ni pon i jugak. Forgot to logout alia's account. Dammit.

nanana-ne said...

*tiada kene mengene dgn entri*

aye, singgah ur fster kan tbace satu testi yg menarik hati 'gjan rindu ko'

demmit, die tak rindu aku. cet.

haha, klaka sungguh testi itu bile mengenangkan butir2 perbicaraan kite mase kat sunway dulu. haha *gelak lagi dan lari*

nanana-ne said...

ow, btw dat 2 guys hiro nakamura and e2 baharudin pics, really look alike laa. clever laa u. *tepuk-tepuk*

sarakay said...

huiyo!! sama dowh! ezani=hiro, hiro=ezani... hmmm

Bet Peter will have a scar like what future Hiro said in the train. "you look different without your scar" or something like that.

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