Sunday, March 11

Bittersweet Lepaking.

Yesterday Me, mashi and Jaja went to KLPAC to see the Bittersweet: A Perfect Match Tour. (if u have no idea who Bittersweet is)

Me and Jaja in KLPAC

Terserempak with Abg Daryl (DJ Ribut) and Uncle Calvin (Dj Chaseylain) of TAG and finally got to meet up with MY ALANG!!! It's been ages since i've seen him. But his girlfriend was there, so cannot be like super friendly ^_^

We were planning on going in, but then Daryl invited us to go lepak and eat. Mashi was starving and i didn't really know any songs that were playing so we went. Zack the frontman of the Desserters (I so adore his accent! Adorable gila!) and a few other people joined us as well.

There was this cute japanese restaurnt by the lake in KLPAC. With what Calvin describes as MUTANT KOI FISH, and he wasn't kidding. The Koi's were friggin Ginormous! I was in panic standing on the tiny little bridge with like 20 of those giants swimming under me. I took a picture but i don't think the picture actually showed how big they were. Lets just say it was bigger than a really really fat cat. I wonder if they eat humans.. erk!

Around 9+ we set off for the hall cuz daryl had to his duty on stage. Since the show was almost over we got bored later and decided to go Hartamas instead. Shot off to Mutiara Damansara to pick up Alan@ elen and then onward to hartamas to meet up with Fit, pakTam and anis.

We had SHISHA! (I can feel Alia's jealousy all the way from aussie :P)
Yeay! w0ot wo0t!

Later, i spotted a few people who were also from the gig there. Ron came over for a bit, and a few people dropped by to say 'Hi!' including my dear Ery from Uncle Don... who was on holiday cuz Don's in under renovation. Spotted a few myspacers, JohnHafiz, Fiboy, Ayie Kimura, and fellow lofter mister monyet. :P

Mooky joined us at around 12 all dressed up. :) He was from some posh dinner but cabut awal to lepak with me. ^__^ It must have been a really boring dinner. hehe. :P It was all good. Since i haven't seen mooky in AGES! the girls had a blast taking pictures with Mr OBS frontman. Around 1 something we headed for home, tired, but happy from all the lepaking we did.

Me and Mooky =)

See... Who seys lepaking is a gejala social?

It's fun, productive (kinda), and knowledgable. It's only a gejala when u lepak with rempits and do stupid things, other than that... Maju la Lepak! :P

*there, updated. But still...
Emo ngn blogspot.


Affendy Jasni said...

Waah i sense some happiness already....haha good for u...

NAdrah the cuteness said...

you look prettier everyday!!! miss u hunn.. muaxx!!

Ayeshadam said...

Gosh ^__^ thx nadrah. ehehe.

Alia said...

Tulah pasal!! Wtf, I can't believe friggin UK ada shisha and we don't have it here!!!


Jeles jeles jeles jeles!

johnhafiz said...

hehee....banyak kali dah kot.

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