Monday, March 5

I hate Antonella Barba.

I just finished watching the results show of the final 20 american idols.

I can't believe they kept that stupid skank. Antonella Barba.

She can't even sing!!!
ada hati nak nyanyi celine dion. ceh. I bet the only reason she's still in the competition is cuz she smowkin hawt. *i admit*

but still talentless nontheless.

Even more amazing how she wasn't automatically kicked out after those scandalous pictures came out on the internet. Example of the one below... More can be found here

I'm the next american idol!!

I Don't think so~

Speaking of American Idols. Doesn't Chris Richardson look like a slightly wider version of Justin Timberlake??

Chris Timberlake.

Justin Richardson.
Separated at Birth??

My current Favs in the competition are Miranda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones, and Blake lewis. They are totally awesome!

I like Sanjaya too.... he's adorable plus he's got really nice hair :D :D. But i think he's losing confidence in himself.. sigh~ Poor Kid.

Come on Sanjaya!! You can do it!


Anonymous said...

i tot sanjaya a she? :/

abah said...

Antonella yang b*tch. Suara tak sedap. Body je lawa. *Pasrah

Huyehhhh aku ske miranda dan lakisha juge dan kesian tgk sanjaya sbb cam ko kate, lost his konfiden. Mebi his sister should masuk instead of him ye dok? :p Tapi nice hair tho..wakakaka

Ayeshadam said...

anon: kerek kamu.

abah: btol kata abah. Antonella should be tossed out on her ass. Suara tak best langsung. Sanjaya nye sister dia tak tau la best ke tak kan? sama je kot. :P Kalau dia confident skit sure dia best.

Ida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ida said...

Ida said...
yeah Antowhatever mmg tak patut masuk. Menyemak je. And Chris's voice bunyi mcm Justin gak kan? hehe eh btw, did kelly pickler had a boob job? sbb her rack nampak big :|

Ayeshadam said...

I KNOW kan?? I tot i sorang je cam perasan. Maybe baju dia ketat kot. :P

Ida said...

probably. ade two people sampai post the same question about it kat yahoo answers. hehe. oh btw, found this site

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