Friday, February 23

Love note.


he is awesome!! a crybaby at times. But most of the times AWESOME!! Here is my love note to peter.

Dear Peter,

I, Ayesha, am so happy Simone *cencored spoilers for episode 16* so that i can have your hotness all to myself. I am sure you'll manage to control your powers somehow, since your mentor (the invisible dude with no name) is *cencored spoilers for episode 16*
the HOT-but-not-as-hot-as-you, Issac. I have faith in you Peter. Just like Simone did... but i think i'm hotter than her, therefore, my faith equals to more. Owh, don't forget to 'Kem salam' to Nathan, and tell him to stop sleeping with all the female cast members it's getting confusing.

Love always. xOXoXoxOxOXo!
Ayesha Adam.

*ps: sorry to Alia and Ehsan.... ngeeeeee!


v|nder said...


Didi said...

wish u give me letter like this..

nanana-ne said...

aku suke die jugak ;)

Anonymous said...

crybaby xbest ke? not sweet ek?

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