Tuesday, February 20

the usual holiday rant.


been spending my hours lazing about the house and watching Greys Anatomy (season 1) and Desperate Housewives (season 3)... i know i haff no life.

Alia's been in australia for 2 days now. She's having fun there. Good for her. :)
Miss her loads tho... especially now since im damn bored. :P

Yesterday i went to Low yatt to go get a new hardisk! wee!! :D :D :D but unfortunately being as blarh as i was.. i totally forgot that it was CNY and it's called Plaza LOW YATT for a reason.. it's run my people who celebrate CNY. Wasted trip. -__-


Anonymous said...

kah kah kah... :p the plaza low yat was funny! hihihih..

Alia said...

Me and Ezani have another meaning for Plaze Low Yat.

This was because that bag Uncle Mamat bought for me from Low Yat was RUINED from just one flight to Brisbane. I'm lucky I didn't lose any underwear (or worse, clothes!) from the incident. Tch.

So anyway, Low Yat.

Yat = quality. Hehehe.

Now laugh. Thank you. :P

Ayeshadam said...

haha... maybe that is what it means... try and google it. :P

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