Wednesday, February 7

Bored to DEATH.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like your brains going to explode from too much nothingness.

well, welcome to my life.

The Cure for this is simple.... Go out and take up some fresh air.

But im too lazy to go out. Peh.

I know, i know i complain too much. I can't help it. You can't be cyberjaya's vainest drama princess and not bitch about every single thing thats not going right in your life.

Speaking about Bitching.

i think. SPAMMERS should be SHOT!!

That's right... lets get WW1 on their asses.

seriously irritating idiots. And the thing is the thing they spam about isn't even interesting.

Spam MAIL is a given... we are immune to it. But now spam has taken over Peh. Irritating.. seriously. But it really suprised me that spam has now managed to reach handphones.

I know!! Like Totally WTF

don't believe me? Ask Alia and Ehsan who both receive a Spam SMS roughly around the same time. huhu. SPAMMERS tsk. tsk.

Emo. + Boredom. = Not a very good word.


Anonymous said...

bladi hel spammers! hapuskan gerakan militan spam!

nanana-ne said...

spammers slalunye kebal tembak dgn senapang gajah pun esok dorang ade lagi ;(

Mooky said...

Tell me about it! WTF right! Emails to online community sites; now sms?!!! what will they spam next?!
SPAMming sucks lollies except for the meat loaf jenama Spam...those are quite tasty. o_0 *yum*
(Cold Storage only RM 10.58..*ek* info jer..)

nadia said...

nice blog ayesha!well written and well decorated!;) this is my first visit and will come again!;) i hate spams too..myspace virus messages too..eiii..its so annoying..they shouldnt just get shot..they should be tortured until every single spam of theirs is gone..i am so bloofthirsty..hihi

Ayeshadam said...

anon: Ya ya! mari bunuh spammers :P

yan: haha, i believe that. I think if there was a nuklear bomb the only thing that would survive are spammers and cockroaches. :P

Ayeshadam said...

mooky: hehe. ^__^

nadia: huhu, that's rite! neway thx for dropping by nadia~

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