Tuesday, February 6

10 signs to show that you are a FCM senior

  • You have obvious eye bags reminisent of a raccoon and you often don't bother to comb your hair anymore when you go to class.

  • You know which lecturers to avoid and which classes not to miss. Also you know which lecturers not to piss off and which ones to ignore.

  • You are an expert on how to appeal for mercy when you have been barred from an examination due to lack of attendance.

  • You don't bother carrying bags with anything important inside, at most containing just a pen and a doodle book.

  • You laugh when you hear the word CiliMayo cuz it reminds you of the old lady from hb3 who use to sell nuggets.

  • You feel pity towards your juniors who are now going thru the new syllabus which you still don't understand.

  • You know for a fact that finding a parking space near to FCM during class hours is DAMN RIGHT IMPOSSIBLE.

  • You have learnt the skill of forging other peoples attendances without getting caught.

  • In your time as an FCMer there was at least one time that you didn't sleep a wink for more than 24 hours. The mere thought of people sleeping earlier than 12am sounds ridiculous.

  • You had a BLAST in Pangkor Island. And wish you could go there again with all your friends before you graduate.



Anonymous said...

apakah FCM?

Ayeshadam said...

Faculty Creative Multimedia. ^__^

sorry, i keep forgetting people outside MMU read my blog. :P

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