Sunday, February 11

Above it all

Found this awesome website on the internet about how to deal with Peer Pressure.

Check out

God knows how many teenagers (or young adults in my case) fall victim to it. But i know a few people who are experiencing it personally. But the shocker came after I took a quiz on the site and it said that i, too, am dealing with Peer Pressure.

Your Results!
Life's Got You in a Vice Grip - You're feeling some serious pressure.

Based on your responses, you might be feeling pressure from those around you. You're probably feeling pressure to fit in or go along with the crowd - and you're not alone. It's a difficult time, so prepare yourself for those situations before they happen. Try to think about what you might say to your friends if they asked you to do something you weren't cool with. The more you know about who you are and what you believe in, the easier it will be to just be yourself - and to be comfortable with that.

Big surprise there huh? Well, being in denial will only get you so far i guess. Eventually online quizzes will bring you back down to reality.

So, Tell me, how pressured are you?

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Anonymous said...

you'r welcome son....... NOT~!

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