Monday, February 12

Ayesha @ Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday (Sunday) i went to my high school reunion held at Sunway Lagoon.

Not really a reunion, more like a get together of friends from school.


The last time i went to Sunway Lagoon was back in 2000. Woah! Damn I'm Old -__-!

Anyway... a few upgrades have been done. It was pretty cool.

The View of sunway lagoon i took while waiting for people to sampai.

I met up with my friends Qemmal, Yan, Pqok, and Kocha in Starbucks Sunway Piramid then set off to The Lagoon.
A few rides later my friend Yanti arrived but was lost and we formed a search party and finally found her looking for us near the tiger cage (as if we would somehow be waiting for her inside the cage. *doink*). Suprisingly i was the only one PREPARED for sunway with my big bag equipped with syampoo, soap, a change of fresh clothes (in case i got wet) and slipers. The rest of the girls came empty handed (which they regreted one big Splash later.. haha!). Unfortunately i was then used as a shield against all wet things and ended up being the wettest of the lot.

Bad Hair day... gah. Maybe should have worn a tudung oso. ^__^
Many rides later, i was suffering from motion sickness and couldn't even pluck up the strength to ride the tommahawk. The girls and i ended up running of to Sunway Piramid for food and some much needed solid ground (After all that spinning it was glad to finally sit.). Later my friend Moon showed up and we finally we got some time to catch up and talk about the old times. Twas so funny and fun i would definately want to meet up with them again another time.

Our first memory together for 2007. But definately not going to be our last. :)


Zaxx ShoxxWave said...

hey.. y u dun allowed me to join u hahahah....

Anonymous said...

shame shame~ :p

Ayeshadam said...

zaxx: nak join ka?? tak habaq :P

annon: shame2 nape eh?

Alia said...

You went to STARBUCKS????


Haih.. I haven't raised you well enough I suppose. Hmph.

And boy am I glad I didn't tag along. Semua your friends jer :P

Ayeshadam said...

haha! coffeebean dah tabest cuz u don't work there nemore. Takley dpt discount. and chocolate latte dia mesti takbest. haha :P

Alia said...

Mana ada chocolate latte dowh.. Haha, you don't even KNOW what's on the menu!

Ish ish. Starbucks sucks lah weih. Penipu je. Dahlah mahal tak ingat! Hmph!

Ayeshadam said...

still i like it better ngee~~

e²¹ said...

starbucks lagi famous pasal peer pressure.

Ayeshadam said...

kerek kamu.

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