Monday, February 5

She's Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok la, so not really a jet plane. Probably some economy class mas airline or something. :P

Alia's leaving, she's finally got her wing and she flying off in 2 weeks.


my rock is LEAVING ME!!

erm... more like a million miles away. It's gonna be really tough having nobody to bitch to. Sigh~

funny, she's still here... but somehow i miss her already. :(

Gonna miss ya mirmana.

Now back to work -___-


Anonymous said...

u both look alike.. duh? sister kan.. :p hihih which 1 is alia .. my guess is on the right?

Ayeshadam said...

i was taller back then... hehe. suddenly became bantut somehow. :P

Alia said...

Awww! So comel :)

I'm gonna miss you too KAKAK! ;D

Ayeshadam said...


pS: call me kakak again. i come back to melawati and kick ur ass.

e²¹ said...

yeah, i'm gonna miss your sister too.
wow. huge forehead that.

Ayeshadam said...

Haha... signature look. forehead gabak ^__^ nasib skrg ada fringe.

Alia said...

That's where all my brains are you sillies.

And yes, nasib baik ada fringe sekarang. I wonder what I'll do when my natural hair comes back. *shrieks*

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