Sunday, January 28

The Producers

Watch The Producers!!!!!

A Classic remake of the "Along came Bialy'. Watch it and witness what it take to produce the WORST BROADWAY MUSICAL in history!!! Staring Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and Uma Thurman.


I love Uma! :D

neway holidays are over..... big wo0p.

i'm still in melawati, was too lazy to go back to cyber today.

right now i'm watching russel peters, 'show me the funny' on youtube. haha... funny, not as funny as the old one though. Argh bosan....

Earlier i was watching Cheetah Girls 2 on disney channel. takde keje.... i know. ^__^ quite okayh la, typical disney channel movie. High school musical is still the best :P

Wargh... ok then, i gtg sleep. *What?? sleep at 12? u crazy ah?? It's so early*

yeah, ezani is picking me up at 930 in bangsar... so i have get up early tomorrow. -__-


gnite people!!


dayana said...

me oso luv uma
suke die dlm prime
n the guy in d movie is hot, the name dunno.

*High school musical is still the best :P -->setuju,setuju,setuju :)

Ayeshadam said...

prime tuh cite ape eh?? huhu :P

Anonymous said...

i like the gay hitler! auww... :p

Ayeshadam said...

anon: Haha! i know, lawak gila :P

dayana said...

prime cite romance comedy tu yang uma divorced then die amik therapy bcz ade masalah jiwa kacau. The woman yg theraphy die tu happened to be mak kpd the boyfriend which younger then uma after tht. Citer tu funny laa, best-best. Kalau tak silap, mase awal 2006 cite tu released.

Begitulah hendaknye..ngeeeh.

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