Thursday, January 25

Last night.

I had a dream.

it's a dream i had so many nights before.

but always in different versions. But roughly the about the same thing.

It was a dream about my highschool. ^_^ My highschool hostel to be more specific..

My highschool history:

I went to Sekolah Menengah Puteri Wilayah, an all girls school in kampung bharu, when i was form 1. My mother put me into Aliran agama (i had to learn arabic and wear a tudung labuh), so that i could get into the Asrama. After form 1 i had to quit Aliran cuz i sucked in arabic and thus became the first girl to ever quit aliran. Well, after i did it, it kinda became a trend. So, i like to believe im kinda like a pioneer in sucking at arabic. :P

anyway, I Hated Asrama life.

well, I use to hate Asrama life.

my first dorm in 98, Dorm F.
top- Shikin mazlan and Can't-remember,
bottom- My best friend Zetty Hazra, Me and Izayanti.

(ignore the purple cap.... please!?!)

But then i made the best friends anybody could ever have. Unfortunately life now is so different from theirs that i don't know how to fit in anymore. But man, do i miss them. Throughout school
i had a large group of close friends. The girls from the aliran class i was in stuck with me eventho i had quit aliran. There was only 14 of us in one class... so it's safe to say we got really close.

Desa waterpark 1998
Top- Shafa, Qemmal, Ayu
Bottom- Zetty, Yan, Baie, Tim, Moon and Me

Port Dickson trip in 1999
Top- Kocha, Zetty, Farid, Ayu, Tim, Moon, Pqok,
Bottom- Yanti, Baie, me.

At the hostel, We were the most terrifying juniors a hostel could have. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted... and of course cuz it's a hostel, we aren't allowed to do anything but study, pray, and go to school.

We couldn't go out except for school. Couldn't even go buy sweets from the candy stall next to the school. It was a beeline straight from school, back to the hostel and vice versa.

well, at least those were the rules..... for the others.

not for me and my group of 'rebels' ..


after school we'd run off to the 7eleven behind the Hostel and get slurpees. Which is in FORBIDDEN territory mind you.

then, during prep time (study time, which was from 3-5pm) we would run off to Klcc, or Central Market and eat fast food hence my never ending love for McD. huhu.

when all the seniors and prefects were at school, we'd turn the KOLAH (i don't know what a kolah in english is.) in a private swimming pool. hehe...

owh, man, were we hated. All the superiors hated us. All the seniors said we were kerek. But when we were seniors, all the juniors thought we were the coolest seniors ever. :). Hey, i'm not saying we were bad kids, we were just mischievious. Dang, I miss the good old days.

FRIM 2001
kelas 4 Usaha.

FRIM 2001
Zetty, Paiz, Shafa, Me

Sukan SEA 2001, In Stadium Bukit Jalil

Class of 2002. A few weeks before SPM
(ignore the hand gesture... i was young and naive)

Life was so much simpler back then. No bills, NO BOY DRAMA, and we don't get many bitches in hostels. The only thing we ever had to worry about was........ Mek Yam @ officially known as Ustazah Maryam, our hostel warden. She was tough.... but i think deep down she loved us all..

... i think -__-

If i could turn the clock, and go back..... i wouldn't change much.

well, probably my grades. ^__^

but i'd definately cherish those years i had with my friends even more.


After SPM in Melaka 2003 last meet b4 MMU.
Top- Selvi, Fatin, Fad, Moon, Nini, Dina.
Bottom- A very sunburned Me.


Anonymous said...

nice! saya punya kelas form 4-5 ada 15org saja juga were very united dan kami semua lelaki! bayangkan kenakalan kami! .. kami sungguh rebel! :) skool days was very fun!

hellmy said...

fuh..rock sungguh gambar second last tuh

ehsan said...

Wah, aye! In your pics kan, you look much... 'smaller'.


sarakay said...

rindu zaman sekolah dulu. duduk asrama mmg byk drama dan suka duka. jumpe orang pelik2... yang best, yang menyakitkan hati. seniors berlagak je lebey.

anyhoot, i like ur things i've learnt list. maybe nak buat my own list when i've figured out what i've learned. heh.

Muhamad said...

hehehe... school gurls...

dayana said...


dats all.

p/s: i love APW, setiap kali lalu mesti nak jerit 'ey, ni asrama aku dulu' even semua org pun tau. Haha, sgt suka.

Ayeshadam said...

hellmy: saya mmg rock! :P

ehsan: demmyuh!

sarah: yeah, high school~ rindukan? :P

buat la list tuh.. you figure out a lot of things ^_^

Ayeshadam said...

dayana: Yeah, i know! i do the same thing.. hehe :P miss kamu!! :)

~purplechoc~ said...

wah.awk buat saya sgt rindukan highschool!!

gmbr saya terselit dlm pic2 tuh!fuh..
missing the sweet times!

nti saya cari my collections plak.

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