Wednesday, January 24

25 things I've learnt.

Twas reading Yan's blog and came over an interesting post where she listed down everything she's learned over the past few years.

so, i decided to copy it, and make it my own ^__^

here goes.

I've learned:: That most people don't like other people. and i don't like most people.

I've learned:: I don't like critics if they don't like me.

I've learned:: taking warm showers are 100 times better than taking cold ones.

I've learned:: diets are redundant. they only make you fatter.

I've learned:: That i am not as nice i thought i was.

I've learned:: i hate chatting with people from myspace.

I've learned:: Despite the repeated advise about it, i finally agree that Coke is very bad for my health and i should stop drinking it.-__-

I've learned:: I should not wear black eye shadow anymore. It'll only make it more obvious that i have racoon eyes.

my furry little twin. GAH.

I've learned:: break ups do happen. Deal with it.

I've learned:: 'I'll love you forever'. is. crap.

I've learned:: that i am a lot stronger than i would have guessed

I've learned:: that shopping is fun..... if you have money.

I've learned:: that the PTPTN are lazy s.o.bitches.

I've learned:: I don't trust anyone. anymore

I've larned:: that some Men are evil. but there is a dying breed of Heroes.

I've learned:: not all good looking men are playboy jerks. and not all ugly men are down to earth. peh.

I've learned:: That blogging is dangerous.

I've learned:: It's okay to be stupid sometimes.

I've learned:: To order my own food and go to the shops alone.

I've learned:: misscalls are juvenile and really annoying. I just wish people would learn that too.

I've learned:: All malay movies have the same plot. yawn......

I've learned:: to avoid dating famous people. It's complicated enough.

I've learned:: To never ever ever date an actor.

I've learned:: That everybody lies. and they are not very good at it.

I've learned:: Nothing in life is free.... except the polluted air we breathe everyday. If you don't want polluted air... you gotta buy something like this.

i want one of these.

I've learned:: My friends will always be there for me. Regardless whether i want them there or not. :)

I've learned:: Gay men are fun. Lesbians are creepy.

I've learned:: Watching back to back episodes of House will make you sick and paranoid. Not because it's bad (cuz its not), but because even if you cough, you can imagine the montage of bacteria in your system therefore think you are going to die.

I've learned:: My life isn't really that tragic. but the drama makes life interesting.

there. i'm done.

now going upstairs to pray......^__^

YES! i do pray. tsk. tsk.



e²¹ said...

getting sick watching house? i remember getting sick watching osmosis jones.....

misscalls are fun what. if done responsibly. like, bawak satu geng, take turns to misscall one person just to annoy them. hm. we should try that sometime. dah lama tak buat. but not in the middle of the night. that's just rude.

shopping... fun... alia still has that 10% off FOS times square, expires end of this month. dono yet bila kami nak pegi. nak ikut?

Affendy Jasni said...

Very interesting.... Now i know where i stand.

Ayeshadam said...

e2: getting sick watching osmosis jones?? dude..... that was a cartoon!!! hahaha... ur such a dork. :P misscalls lagi annoying doh... sed it yourself!

yup2!! im definately going with alia. woohooo!!

ko nak ikut ke? :P

Ayeshadam said...

affendy mi amor: you stand right here beside me. My Hiro ^__^

Anonymous said...

i've always learn humans never satisfied. :(

Ayeshadam said...

thats is so true.

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