Monday, January 22

RIP DJ Tiesto

'Dj Tiesto was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the accident. Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that Dj Tiesto lost control while driving a friend's vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly.

The vehicle was believed to have been traveling at approximately 95 miles per hour in a 55mph zone at the time of the accident. Witnesses have stated that Dj Tiesto's car crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll. Toxicology tests will be performed to determine whether he was driving under the influence. Memorial services for Dj Tiesto have not yet been announced. The service is expected to be a closed casket funeral due to the severe head trauma.'

Taken from

Don't worry.... this isn't true. Dj Tiesto isn't dead. I checked. ^__^ this is just a random hoax.

But Why post it on my blog you say??

see the link

see the dj.tiesto. part??

try changing it to whatever name u choose.... for example

see what happens.



aMyn said...

ahahaha.. isk.. ngktan dah mati..

Anonymous said...

xkene saman ke? mcmmane nak buat?

Ayeshadam said...

amyn: haha.... tu lah. agak kecoh la mula2 tuh. :P tgk2 tipu. deng.

anon: ntah la... dorang kene saman la kot. tak tau lak.. :P tp cool kan?? boleh bunuh sapa2 je. hohoho.

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