Sunday, January 15

Parenting 101

Like seriously, in this day and age there isn't really any excuse to say 'i don't know how to do...' something.

At least not if you have a working internet connection.

I've learned almost everything i need to know about my pregnancy and these past few weeks of motherhood, online.

Mostly from google search and websites like I have to say WTE was extremely helpful during my pregnancy. It had a lot of tips and information about what would happen from week to week during the span of the pregnancy.

Since the baby, i found that i needed more visual help.. because there is only so much you can read.

So lately youtube has been my greatest liason.. Check out these super helpful videos on breastfeeding and correct burping techniques (something i seriously fail at..).

It's been a slow weekend... unfortunately for us baby boy has started showing signs of fussiness and crankiness, which might be because of colic (hope not tho..). :( Today i noticed he had a lot a gunk in his left eye.. i panicked, but thanks to google i found out that it's completely normal and apparently it's just a blocked tear duct, which will clear up itself in a few weeks.

I seriously couldn't think of what i would do without google.

Thank you technology.. you make motherhood a tiny bit less scary. :)

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