Thursday, November 17

Happy Birthday Mama's

It must have been writen in the stars that me and muuzi would end up together..

Why else would both our mothers be born a day apart... :)

Me Maman on the 15th of November, and Muuzi's Mak on the 16th.

So typically last night we had a little celebration for the mothers with some homecooking and KFC. Unfortunately it was kinda last minute so we didn't invite Alia.. (sorry Al, incase u are reading this and going wth, gila tak ajak.. haha)

Neway here's some pics of last night. :)

My two Moms with their matching presents.

fyi: Muuzi got them both handbags.. which he chose himself, so i was quite surprised when they weren't totally hideous.

Dona, and The Latifs.. (sounds like a killer band name no?)

me and maman :)
Ok, gotta jet!!! I'm going to see Zee Avi tonight with Alia... prolly gonna be my LAST CONCERT in a looooonngggg time. So gonna make it count. Ta!

1 comment:

Alia said...

The only reason you're safe is because they don't have hot n spicy ATM, and I can't stand that Tom yam crap. Lucky call, otherwise, I'm afraid Mahdi would suffer from no duit raya for 10 years. An eye for an eye no?

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