Wednesday, November 30

Everyday... i'm shuffling

Everyday is another day that the due date just looms nearer and nearer...

It's just freaking me out... the excitement of it finally being over and i can finally start 'BEING' a mother. :) Honestly, i still don't know how i'm going to be as a mom...

Am i gonna be a cool mom, an overprotective mom, a strict mom or all around smother-er.... i honestly haven't figured it out, so we'll probably play it by ear.

Anyhow, i just really, really, really wanna meet my baby boy.. i feel like i know him already, but it would be nice to actually see him, instead of just feeling him kicking me. huhu.

One thing i fear is losing myself in the process... i've seen more than one case of women that i know who have kids, and basically give up everything they are and just become 'mak orang'... I really do not want that for myself, and really, that scares me a little..

But i guess we'll have to wait and see... wont we? 

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