Saturday, September 17

Happy Malaysia Day!!!!

or based on my experience, Happy IKEA day.

IKEA was crazy packed today, amazing to see people treat it like a family theme park instead of a furniture store.

I saw one family taking what looked to me like a hari raya family portrait, in one of the mock living rooms. 0_o like really??

Anyway, the reason me and Muuzi were in IKEA, is to finally get the sofa i've we've been pining for...
I'm getting this Ektorp 3 seater sofa in white.. planning to get a bunch of
colorful pillows to brighten it up. :D

The good and bad thing about going with Muuzi is that he is an impulse buyer, he usually doesn't like to window shop, think about for ages, before finally buying something, unlike me. It saves a lot of mental planning that i'm famous for. Anyway, on top of getting the sofa, we ended up getting a TV stand, bedroom closet, bookshelf and pantry shelf. Muahahahahhaa.. I love my husband. He spoils me so. ^_^

 I CAN'T WAIT for everything to be delivered on monday... aaaaaaaaa!!

I'm absolutely dying of excitement.... ngeeeeeeeeeeee...

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