Sunday, August 7


I'm almost half way thru this pregnancy (week 20!!), and it's has never felt more real...

Me and Muuzi are starting to research birth options, and various hospital costs.. Ok, more like Muuzi is researching that, cuz i can't bare to think about the immense amount of pain that i would have to endure come the next 20 weeks.

So i have been given the wonderful task of planning the nursery... OH JOY!!!

Since i am unemployed a stay at home mom... i'll have plenty of time to stare at these bare walls and plot their demise...

There is a problem however... i've decided on a color scheme, but i can't decide on a theme...

The color i've chosen is a light grey wall, with hints of yellow and blue highlights.

Isn't this gorgeous? :D

So the problem with the theme is i'm stuck between Owl's, Yellow Duckies or Elephants.

Awesome Owls..
Cute Duckies.. or

Adorable Elephants.

I love them all!!! So i'm stuck for now, at least i got about 4 months left to figure this out.. Wish me luck!!

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