Tuesday, July 26

Happy BLUE day!!

I've been happy beyond words today, we had our check up with the Dr. today and apparently (despite me) everything with the baby is going very well.

The best part was when we found out that our future baby is a boy!
I always had this idea of my kids having a big brother, eventho i've never actually had one, but i love the idea of a big brother protecting all this little brothers and sisters. :)

Muuzi was so excited during the scanning he could hardly control himself... it still freaks me out seeing him move around inside me, but from what i can see the baby already acts like a mini Muuzi, proudly showing off his little bits to the Dr... hehe. I can't wait to meet my little boy.

I'm terrified, but oddly excited to be a mother.

It's gonna be another busy week, because we are moving on friday, so there's still a lot to do... haih, can't wait to be settled in the new house and finally have time to rest!!


cahya indah said...

still not too late to wish you congrats for being pregnant, right Ayesha? hehe..Congrats

Ayeshadam said...

No not too late :)

Thx so much!

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