Monday, July 25


It's been an insanely busy weekend, with packing up the house, bachelorette parties, last minute driving classes, Tsar &  Zachary's engagement, and stalking Jared Leto at MTV World Stage...

It was a insanely fun, but incredibly tiring weekend.

Today i had my JPJ driving test, and i was still recovering from my weekend.

But luckily, i still managed to PASS!!!

FINALLY, I, Ayesha Frances Adam have a drivers license.

I know how pathetic that sounds. But im super proud of myself. :D So Suck it! Hehe... Now Muuzi is all upset cuz he has to stick a 'P' sticker on his car, which is "so uncool". Haha

Coming to an Orange Satria NEO near you!

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