Wednesday, May 11

99 Problems and 1 miracle.

If you've been keeping tabs on me, thru twitter or on facebook, you'd know that i have recently found out that i am 7 weeks pregnant (today marks).

It's awesomely amazing news, if i hadn't recently quit my job, in hopes of finding a better work environment and benefits. peh.

Anyway, Muuzi and i are deliriously excited. I know it's a little early to get all maternal.. but i already feel like my life has changed forever.

Yesterday, me and entourage (of Muuzi and Mama) went to our first ever Doctors appointment...

The Dr was awesome, she was very informative and very clear about what we're suppose to do and what will happen during the pregnancy. Which was great, because we are clueless.

Then came my fave part... picture time!

The second picture is a sonogram of the fetal heartbeat... which was really loud and fast, showing that it's healthy and growing. :)

At this stage, i know i'm not really suppose to broadcast to the world about the baby, since well, it's not really a baby yet. But i hope and i pray that he (i want a boy) will continue being healthy and grow... maybe you could help pray for him too. please? :)

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