Tuesday, April 12

zOMG!!! I'm FAMOUS!!!!

I, Ayesha Adam was quoted, on THE STAR ONLINE.

So excited, Waaaaaaaahh!!!

Before i freak out summore lemme explain, Daryl Goh called me a few days ago and asked what i thought about F1 getting Korean SuperStar Rain to anchor the afterparty event... so i gave him my two cents.

Check out what i said...
“It’s a baffling decision to get Rain. Many think it is a weird combination – the majority of F1 fans aren’t K-pop listeners. Why should the SIC organisers limit the audience this year to only K-pop fans when it was steadily building an audience with international acts in the last two years? In fact, I would rather have some big local acts involved. At least, they represent Malaysian music,” said Ayesha Adam, editor of a local entertainment portal pizzzamagazine, who noted that Aussie punk legends The Living End were the main act at the season-opening F1 post-race party in Melbourne two weeks ago.
Ok, by reading that you know that Daryl edited my words a little, i would never say 'baffling', instead if i remember correctly i might have said, 'I can't believe they got Rain! it's so fucking idiotic''.

Ngeeeeeee... yes i thinks, i need to brush up on my interview answering skills. :D

Not that anyone i know, reads the star anyway.. but still, i got a giant KICK in the ego seeing my name there. I was away this weekend, so i just caught it on the archives... check out the full article HERE

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