Tuesday, March 29


Thanks to GROUPON, i found this deal to get a domain for RM40... if u have known me forever, you would remember my brief domain www.ayeshadam.com (now defunct), which was my online design portfolio. Which is basically useless now since i don't like uploading my work online anymore.

But now i'm thinking of moving this blog to a [dot]com... Hopefully the move would make me revive the passion i use to have to blog, also since im paying for the domain, it'll be a total waste if i neglect it.

Problem is coming up with a solid timeless domain name... a lot of things factor in a blog/websites name.

I came up with Tragic Telenovela roughly 6-7 years ago when i was 18 years old, it was when my life was just starting, mostly broke and penniless, emotional, and rebelious. i had started university and i was in my first overly (of many) dramatic relationship, I had reached out to my long lost step siblings from my estranged fathers side, and i had that core of amazing friends to guide me thru my rough patches.

Well, basically my life felt like a 'spanish telenovela', full with plot twist, bad acting, multiple choices, comic relief and the never ending hope for a dashing 'Fernando' aka Prince Charming to save me from my obscure existence... then i grew up, and realized that life is actually pretty awesome, and i didn't need Prince Charming to save me... in fact he'd be lucky if i even gave him the time of day.

So, now being grown up older WISER! I don't feel the same way... I'm married, and i don't feel that my life would be turned upside down over small issues... i now know that however bad it gets, with a good group of friends around you, and the love of your FAMILY (something i never appreciated before), it gets better.

That being said, i definitely have to change my blog name if i am to move to a [dot]com, the problem is finding the write name that will be TIMELESS, so i can keep my blog through out my life, and when i have kids and grandkids, they can read what a total mess i was, and how i grew up eventually. :P

Any suggestions for good names?

Emphasis on GOOD NAMES.

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