Wednesday, March 30

Finding the right BLOG name...

I'm still stuck about that darn blog name.... so i did some research

How to choose the right Blog Name.

#1: Make a checklist.
When choosing your personal blog title, you want the title to be original, inform blog readers what your blog is going to be about, catch the attention of your readers, maintain a short length, and include the right keywords for search engine traffic. Make sure you capture all six points when considering your blog title, assuming that you already have a blog topic chosen.

#2: Make a list of blog titles.
Write down possible blog names related to your niche on a blank piece of paper in order to choose a personal blog title. Then walk away from the list of blog names for a few hours. When you come back to your list, add some more ideas before walking away once more for another hour or two. Come back to your list, read it over, and choose the blog title that sounds the most appealing.

#3: Make a list of song names.

Make a list of all your favorite songs that relate somewhat to your blog topic. Song names may inspire a personal blog title of your liking. From that list, choose a few blog names that are related to your blog. In a few hours, you can add more song names to the list if you want. You can even combine two song names to create a unique blog title just perfect for your niche.

#4: Browse advertisements for personal blog titles.

Browse advertisements related to your blog topic to come up with a good personal blog title. Go to a blog related to what your blog topic is going to be about and browse the ads on the website. Read them and, if a few keywords from the advertisements inspire you, write them down. Pretty soon you'll have a bunch of keywords to choose from for your blog title. Be creative!

#5: Browse blog directories.

Go to a blog directory (blog directories can be found in the Resources section of this page) and browse the many blogs on display in order to choose a personal blog title. Make sure the blogs you're looking at are related to your blog's niche. Take a look at the blog names and use these names as examples of what your blog title coul be. You can even ask the author of each blog that you like how he came up with the blog name.

#6: Find an available domain name for your blog title.

Choose a blog title that has an available domain name. For example, the personal blog title that I chose when creating my freelance writing blog was Cash Campfire and "" was available when I made my blog title. So, once you decide that a certain blog title is a right fit for you, do a search in your address bar or a domain directory to make sure that it's not already taken.

#7: Get outside help.

Create the perfect personal blog title by getting outside help. Gather up a few blog names that sound pretty good and have someone you care about look them over. That someone can be a friend, family member, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Whoever it is, ask the person for suggestions on other blog names that can be used. You can even ask a professional blogger for ideas as well.

So how? Any ideas yet? I really need help with this!! Puhhhleeeeaaaassseeeeee?!

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