Monday, December 20

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie - Part 2

Day 1 (part 2)
.... after a short 10 minute ride, our bus arrives in Brisbane city.

Where there was even MORE rain.. we quickly took shelter in the Queens Street Mall. Me and Alia decided to start shopping, partly to get a change of dry clothes, partly because Alia got pooped on. haha.

I decided not to get anything, cuz my clothes had practically dried itself, plus i didn't have bird poo on me. :P But Alia seemed happy with her purchase.
Before Poo.
After Poo.
After shopping we had lunch at a real australian foodcourt. I couldn't help but notice, that all australian foodcourts were exactly alike, Asian foods, Kebabs, McDonalds, and Gloria Jeans.

Sorry about how icky i look at this point i still had the smell of Malaysia on me.
Anyway we had this japanese rice combo meal, Hanaichi, which apparently is Alia's fave ozzie food. It was really nice. Anyway later, we went to Alia's old neighborhood in Taringa to collect the car we had rented for the week then went back to Donna's place showered (which we really needed) and had our first girls night out in Oz.
Donna & Alia
Alia and Me
After Party PANCAKES! wooot!
Day 2 (Sunday)

The next day, the Australian weather still wasn't getting any better. It was drizzling a lot so the day was wet and cold.

We met up with Alia's friend Yumi and had lunch in Southbank, which is by the brisbane river also famous for it's artificial sea. It was really beautiful despite the fact that it was raining a little.. but the Australians didn't seem to mind much.

Southbank beach
Yumi and Al getting some coffee.
We had burgers and Grill'd for Lunch (no pics, too hungry to take pics of the food) and Dessert at Max Brenner. If Willy Wonka were a real person, he would be Max Brenner!!

Chocolate Galore @ Max Brenner!!!
We might have over did it a little bit tho... Chocolate Waffles, Chocolate Brownies and Ice Cream, Choc Fondue and a Hazelnut Toffee Drink.

Oh did i mention Alia got pooped on again? hahaha

Apparently, there's nothing much to do in Brisbane of Sundays, so we just spent the evening at Yumi's house, then went back to Donna's.... to be continued.

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