Sunday, November 14

A Video... of our wedding

I know haven't blogged much AT ALL about my wedding, frankly there's just too much to say about it.

But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

This is the video for our menyambut menantu where we were joined with Mooky's brother Taq and his new wife Dona (they got married in Indonesia about a week after our wedding) held in Dewan Taman Tun, powered by the power of family and friends. :)

mooky+ayesha //taq+dona from Three Libra on Vimeo.

The entire hall deco was done by the-uber-creative gungho wedding planner Sarah from Chenta Weddings, the video footage was taken by some of nusrat and ryan's friends at Three Libra. I'm so glad Nusrat talked us into doing this. It's super priceless!!

Now kinda menyesal not getting a videographer for the titiwangsa wedding as well, that would have been so EPIC. sigh.

Muuzi, jom kawin lagi skali?? ^_^


cahya indah said...

ur wedding video is so cute ;) and the part u guys got each other sweet.

Ayeshadam said...

hehe. yeah, the video made it more romantic than it actually was. :P

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