Wednesday, October 20

How on earth...

Did my life get so interesting??

It use to be that i didn't have anything to write/blog about.. but suddenly i got a entire list of things to blog about.. but instead do not have the time to write it out. Dang.

List of things i MUST update on.
- Zekry & Rusyan's bday last weekend. (had tons of fun at both boys bday's ^_^)
- My new phone.... :D :D :D No, i didn't get a blackberry, or an iphone4 (boo!) instead i got a good sturdy phone, so that i won't be devastated if i lose/misplace/ruin it. :D I'll let you know what phone it is soon.
*anything is a upgrade from using my tok's nokia. Kesian tok, takde phone. :P
-I dyed my hair using Liese Bubble Hair color. :D Stories on that too later.
-Foza's wedding... which is tonight, but i should just remind myself to blog about that anyway.
-Adam Lambert!!!! i can't believe i haven't updated on that yet. urgh. Me and Alia had a blast, it was her first concert in Malaysia. Then, Alia went to see Paramore as well with Ezani, she didn't have to pay for either concerts. Lucky Witch.
-Pics of New office cat TIPPY!! He's so comel!! i got pics! ^_^
-A Slice of Heaven cakes........ zOMG can't tell you about it now, i might pass out from the longing. :(
-Owh check out my new post on me and mashi's fashion blog. Who knew Daniel Radcliffe could look so good.

-Glee this week was AWESOME!! Mike Chang finally sang and Sam & Quinn sang our song Lucky. ^_^ ngeee.. So Awesome~
-Add me on twitter @ayeshadam, i'm tweeting more than i blog or fb. So it only makes sense to follow me there for new updates.

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