Monday, September 27

Monday always comes too soon.

The weekend came and went to fast for my liking,

Another blurry week of open houses and chores just zoomed past me.


There's something about weekdays that i've learnt to appreciate,

Anyway, last saturday, the day started early cuz we had to go to Muuzi's aunt's house in Seremban. Then, later we went to E2's open house in bangsar, met up with Mashi, Kassim, Fuzzley, Syah and a few other people, then went home, showered rested, and went out with Mashi for a much needed GNO. Went to Palate Pallatte for drinks, meet up with some friends and monopoly. :P

Both of agreed we both needed a night out, since we've both been too busy with work to meet up.

Sunday started off later than most days, 3pm to be exact. It was nice to finally sleep in for once. ^_^

Once we finished some light chores, we made our way to Muuzi's friend Kartini's open house in PJ. Then later, followed by dinner with the tropicana family, my mom-in-law is going back to Riyadh today.

We had a good dinner at Big Brother 'Kota Damansara', then went home and attempted to finish the 4th season of SKINS, but fell asleep midway.

Anyway, this is my last week in Softcell, as of Friday, i'm officially joining Vibes Comm located near Bukit Damansara. I'm sad to leave, but you got to do what you need to do i guess.

Prolly try and go back to melawati this weekend, check up on the family. I miss Alif. He's getting so big now!

I'll probably try to get that free time i so dreadly needed to do some spring cleaning and buy some new work clothes. Also need some free time to rearrange my desktop files, sigh. Need more hours in a day!!



pergh. Banyak sungguh your iklan for digi iphone 4 tu. But i'm considering it jugak. :P

oh you left out fazlin btw in your list of people kat my open house haritu. or did you pretend she wasnt there?

Ayeshadam said...

I'm trying to win a contest. :D Wish me luck!!! :D

as for the second comment... i have no comment. :D :D :D

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