Thursday, August 12

Puasa Day 2.

Ok, i know i've been bad by cheating on my faithful blog on my other sites, and my new baby blog

I can't help it, with so many fantastic things happening in my life currently i can't find time to blog about MYSELF anymore, i feel like i've become a boring person that no one wants to read about anyway.

I have been so bad at blogging, that i haven't event updated peeps about my wedding, or my Indonesian honeymoon, Taq's wedding, MTV worldstage/ GreenRoom: The Rapture, or my recent Taman Tun reception.

OMG, so many things to talk about, frankly i don't know where to start!

As for the wedding. I'm prolly not gonna get around to blogging about it EVER.

But click here to read about it from my friends who blogged about it.

My Friends Pqok, Qemmal, and Nadrah
My awesome Photographer, Mr Rudy
Mooky's friend Joyce Wong

And i'll try and do a post of my own, and write about all the above when i have time ;)

Selamat Berpuasa peeps!!

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