Saturday, March 13

Typical, Typical, typical.

So many things have been going on lately, i have no idea what to talk about anymore...

So here's the jist,

-I'm now working in advertising. (Hence the obvious lack of post, and the no social life)

-Muuzi and I went for our kursus kahwin in Zura's Akademik, in Bangsar, and were left traumatized and disturbed.

-My baby sister, Alia is coming home on 16/03/10 which is this TUESDAY! ^_^.

-I discovered that planning a wedding is super STRESSFUL.

-I've chosen GREEN & PINK for my theme, hopefully it's gonna be awesome.

Tis Cute kan?

-I was asked to be a contributor on a PIZZZA MAGAZINE. Which has been really fun so far. :)

-Found out my future husband has a very active imagination and pulls sour face when the request for an 11 men entourage, his own HORSE to ride to the wedding venue and SWORD instead of the traditional keris was denied.

The request that he get a LOW RIDER BIKE for Hantaran is still under negotiation.

GAH! What the hell am i marrying into!!? *haha JK!*


Sarah Abd Rahim said...

aiyo.. traumatized and disturbed?? what did the ustad say to you guys? hehe..

and yes sweetie, wedding planning is stressful. especially when you do everything yourself. but, as said, if you need help please HOLLER! if you can't reach my phone, you can literally come to my apartment and holler.. =)

Ayeshadam said...

Yeah, i really want to come see you guys and go baju hunting.. but lately i don't even have time to go see the man, even. Let alone go drag him wedding shopping. huhu.

Hopefully later this month will have some time! :D Meanwhile if u got any handy links i could look at, that would be awesome! :D

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Alrightey, like I said, just holler!

Just follow my blogs babe. Especially the new one if cos I post a lot of sales there which will be really handy since you'll be looking for your barang hantaran right? *winks*

You + Me & This And That..

Bridal Supernova

Ayeshadam said...

Awesome! definitely gonna stalk ur sales blog for sure! :D

Thankies ^_^

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