Monday, June 29

Urban Escapades.

Urbanscapes was an awesome experience!! Awesome artworks, awesome performances and got some super cool stuff! I bought an awesome Marilyn Monroe Tshirt which i love! and a Lady Gaga tank top. ^_^ also a comel gila headband with rainbow colored feathers on it. Weee!

Plus it was just great chillin' with all my friends tepi tasik not in a club. :D My only real regret is that i didn't bring my camera (kicks self repeatedly) cuz i thought that jojo would bring one, and she thought i would and didn't bring one either. Haih, great minds think alike eh? :P

I suppose by now, everyone is well aware of the H1N1 scare that hit Urbanscapes.. I hope Munkey and Eday get well soon.

Me, Mashi took Jojo to GH to get a H1N1 screening cuz she wasn't feeling well.. fortunately Doctor diagnosed her flu due to too much partying (not H1N1 related) but to stay away from public just incase.

Me and Mashi @ GH

I'm such a super hypochondriac that i'm coming up with my own symptoms, and Quarantining my self just in case.

Anyway, will put up any pics i have of Urbanscapes later. :)

Mashi said i look like Michael Jackson.
It's a fashion statement tribute i guess, all i need now is a sparkly socks and a glove. :P

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Mr. Karate said...

omg ninjas

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