Friday, May 8

Would you be 17 again?

Giggles excitedly at movie poster

Honestly.. i wouldn't want to be 17 again.

I was a very boring 17 year old. I was a tall, pale, quiet and extremely shy slacker.

Azoo, Faiz, and... Ayesha.

I found it hard to talk to people i didn't know, I was so shy that i couldn't wouldn't even order my own food in McDonalds. I didn't even know how to work an ATM and I was terrified of sales people who stalk you with flyers when you are walking down the street (still am tho.. babysteps ^_^).

I wasn't unique or special in anyway.. Except maybe that i had good grammar in English (and terrible spelling.), i manage to get by while NEVER hantar-ing any piece of homework assigned, and i doodled so much that eventually every exercise book i had was dubbed 'buku conteng'..

I got the last place every semester. (almost every.. sometimes someone bungles up more than me. It's very competitive..)

I was extremely laid back, and well... lazy(-ier).

I would go to school late, eventho it was like one block away, and i would ponteng prep (study sessions) to sleep in the dorm. I wasn't good in sports either, i never did much team sports.. every time i played netball they would make me the goal keeper (cuz im taller). On our sports day, i would be the person who just hung out in the background snickering at people yang over excited, until my teacher found out that i was doing nothing, so she made me The House Maskot.

I was a blue cat.

I'm the one that looks like doreamon, cuz someone else took my ears.

Looking back.... i'm so blessed i wasn't the BEE. ^_^

Owh, also while 17, i was placed in a Kes Khas category cuz i was the only person who kept failling Bahasa. (Got a B3 for SPM tho.. haha cemerlang woot!)

So given, who i am now... an independant, much more hardworking, more punctual (still working on it a bit) woman who can at least order her own food, knows what she wants in life and can say NO to unflattering cat costumes.

I wouldn't want to trade that for the world.

I would however like it, if i could be 21 again. ^_^ That's a hot age group. ^_^


Alia said...

I wouldn't wanna be 17 again even if you PAID me to! Hahaha.. I think 17 was such an awkward age to be at - last year of school, exams and stuff.. Eeeee.. Tanaklah!

Haha, btw, love that you've been sieving thru old pics! Takde gambar I jugak ke? :P

shujiokishima said...

I want to :) but as you see me pun dah cam 17 kan?

Ayeshadam said...

Al: Haha.. Yeah, 17 year old Alia and her obsession with kelantanese geeks who turn out to be gay. :P haha.

These aren't even my pictures! Faez has been uploading them on facebook. Owh the horror!!

shuji: you mmg, always with the prepubescent look. :P

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